Low-cost, remote-first health solutions. 

Healthcare solutions to address all your needs. 

Remote Care First

All plans include Zero Co-Pay Telehealthcare

Quality Healthcare

Nationwide coverage with quality providers.

Low Cost

All plans include Zero Co-Pay Telehealthcare

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Low-cost, remote-first health solutions. 

Healthcare solutions to address all your needs. 

Remote Care First

All plans include Zero Co-Pay Telehealthcare

Low Cost

All plans include Zero Co-Pay Telehealthcare

Quality Healthcare

Nationwide coverage with quality providers.

Available Right Now!

Get a quote and sign-up online, RIGHT NOW!

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Remote Healthcare Solution

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For your whole family! Billed Monthly

The Right Now Solutions are remote-care centric and all plans include Prosper Benefits, a zero co-pay set of services. See a doctor or counselor remotely, receive healthcare guidance, and save money!

One Low Price for You and your entire household!


Get 24/7 access to online medical consultations with a national network of US-licensed medical providers for common, minor conditions, or if need be, what action you should take, within the CDC regulations and advisements during this epidemicAvailable with no co-pay, this easy access to board-certified providers anytime, anywhere, offers a safe, effective and money-saving alternative for care when an individual’s regular physicians are not available.


A highly trained team of Licensed Professional Counselors and Work/Life Specialists offers confidential 24/7, short-term assistance and resource support for a full range of personal, family and work/life problems. Members or employees have a busy and full life, which is why there are customized plans offered to fit the needs of employees and their busy schedules. In-person counseling appointments and telephonic and video counseling services are available as well.

Medical Bill Advocacy

Anytime a member or employee has a medical bill over $400 not covered by their insurance the skilled negotiation team will work with providers to help reduce the amount due. Successful negotiations can save hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Members will learn from experts how to maximize savings and get the most value.

HealthCare Advisor

Members or employees and their families are provided with confidential, one-on-one help from an industry expert who knows the ins and outs of the complex healthcare system. A team of trained Personal Health Advocates is skilled at working with healthcare providers, insurance plans and other health-related organizations to resolve complex clinical and administrative issues. Whether it’s deciding the right course of treatment, understanding care options, or resolving a billing issue, there are experts that will help members or employees, no matter what the issue — saving time, money and worry.

Full Coverage Solution

As low as:


Billed Monthly

The Full Coverage Solution combines The Remote Healthcare Solution PLUS an affordable but comprehensive insurance plan to give you piece of mind that you can get treatment when you need it.

Prosper Benefits cover You and your entire household!

Remote Healthcare Solution

Empowers you with access to remote medical consultation including prescriptions, confidential counseling regarding any personal issues, guidance regarding medical treatment and help negotiating the costs. No co-pay. Anywhere. Anytime.

Primary Care

See a primary care doctor for your day to day medical concerns. Treat common illness and get referred to specialist care when needed.


With referral from your primary care doctor, see specialists in all disciplines such as pediatrics, cancer (oncology), laboratory medicine (pathology), or obstetrics & gynecology.

Urgent Care
For injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care but not serious enough to require an Emergency Department, you can visit an Urgent Care facility which are typically located in more convenient locations and are more accessible.
Emergency & Hospitalization

If necessary, you will have access to emergency room or hospital treatment. Depending on the State, your coverage may also include a feature that reimburses you a flat dollar amount for each day spent in the hospital.


Also known as supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance, this benefits provides money in the event of an accident. This cash can be critical when the unexpected happens.


What is Right Now Solution?

Right Now Solution specializes in providing Americans with low-cost, remote-first healthcare solutions. We saw the need arise with the Covid-19 pandemic, and are here to ensure that Americans have access to quality coverage for the remainder of this crisis and beyond. 

How long before my coverage takes effect?

The Remote Healthcare Solution will take effect 1 week after sign-up. The Right Now Solution will take effect 2 weeks after sign-up. You can also expect to receive your coverage card to the home address you list during signup.

Will plans cover Covid-19 treatment?

Our Full Coverage Solution will cover hospitalization in the event you contract Covid-19. However, the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, so you must be enrolled prior to seeking a diagnosis. The Remote Healthcare Solution is intended for remote consultation purposes only. Telemedicine doctors will advise on symptoms and can prescribe medication, but the Remote Healthcare Solution does not include any hospitalization or in-person treatment.

How long to get an exact quote?

You can can find an exact quote and enroll in just a few minutes! Why not get started now? 

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